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Original music by Grant Eaton and Daniel Schricker

Directed by Sioux Moresi

First performed by the Primary Students of

Craigmore Christian School, Adelaide South Australia

August 2008

Dayuma Dayuma

"Dayuma's Jungle" is based on the true story of 5 missionaries who were killed by Auca Indians
in the jungles of Ecuador in 1956. Dayuma, an Auca girl, describes how life in her jungle is
transformed through the message of God's love and forgiveness that these men were trying
to bring. Forgiveness was clearly demonstrated by the missionary women who stayed in
Ecuador after the tragedy of the men's deaths, to continue the task the men started.

In recognition of the sacrifice that these missionaries made to bring God's Word to the Aucas,
Craigmore Christian School has named its sport teams after three of the men:

 Jim Elliot  Nate Saint  Pete Fleming

Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, and Pete Fleming.


Bear Monkey Oscelot Parrot


Four of the stories from Dr Paul White's "Jungle Doctor" series are featured as bedtime stories
for the missionary children, providing an array of lively jungle animals on stage. They learn some
important lessons for life, while adding colour to the spectacle and spice to the music.

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