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Weekend walks

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Sunday, 1 April, 2001

The week-end and the increasing glimpses of sunshine, provided an opportunity to explore some places and to see a little of London from above the ground. I was talking to some Aussie nurses staying in the same facility with us. They have been here 12 months and commented that if they were asked to draw and map of London, they'd draw the Tube map. I am starting to know my way around underground as well. I know the Monopoly locations by the Tube stations, but it was very refreshing to climb some more escalators and stairs from these names that I've been passing at least twice a day, and actually walking Leicester and Trafalgar squares, whetting our appetites with an initial glimpse of the National Gallery. Later in the day I ventured into the Royal College of Music and listened through the door to a junior orchestra concert and gathered information for later visits. Then I took a wander around Royal Albert Hall, and through Kensington Gardens to Kensington Palace, where I missed the final day's exhibition of some of Dianna's dresses by few minutes, but I was able to contain my grief. Today we took a walk down to the river. The Cheyne walk is just 5 minutes from the Nursing Home, so it was good to finally get to enjoy seeing the river and the gracious buildings overlooking it. The accommodation in this area would be very convenient and comfortable but I can't yet afford the Rolls or the Merc that one would need to park out front.  



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