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Article 5. 

Topic: Music Ministry    Title: How Can You Top That?  Author: Grant Eaton.
  Original Ideas: December, 1998  Last Modified: 28 July, 2002

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How Can You Top That?

There is such a push to go one better than our neighbour, our sister church, last week's Worship or last year's Production. We must be seen to be constantly growing, improving, breaking world records, striving for excellence, and proving our superiority.

bulletBut what about the "first shall be last..." ?
bullet Paul encourages us to "strive to excel in gifts that build up the church..." (1 Cor. 14:12) and there are many references to "growing" and "pressing on".
bulletWhere is the balance? 
bullet What are our priorities as we strive for excellence and long to be effective and faithful servants?

See Lovelace and Rice, p. 205

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