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A variety of audio files will be used in this course.  You will need to be able to play MIDI files. An important part of this course involves the use of the SCORCH Browser plug-in. Test it here.  SCORCH will be needed for viewing and hearing musical examples. 

    If you can't see the SCORCH TEST window and score of a C scale immediately below, you will need Download the free SCORCH plug-in. (There is more information below)






If this site doesn't appear on your browser as you would expect, you may need to upgrade to a later version. 

[More detail later]



Viewing and playing musical scores on this site - uses the "SCORCH" plug in by Sibelius. It is FREE, quick and easy to download and it automatically is set up for your browsers to use. It is well worth downloading because it enables you to: 

  • see full scores, 

  • follow them as the music is playing, 

  • transpose the piece into any key, 

  • alter the tempo of the piece, 

  • go to any bar on any page,

  • play any section by just clicking on the bar you want to hear.

For information about this plug in go to: [new window]

To automatically download SCORCH, click on this link:

To get help if the Scorch plug-in does not work as expected: [new window]


 Sound Card and Audio

If you can't hear the audio as you would expect, you may find the help you need here. If not, be sure to email with details of the problem you are experiencing, giving details of your computer, browser, sound/audio card, and the specific problem you have. 

No sound at all:

  • Check that your sound card is working normally for other programs and is connected correctly to an Audio system or headphones.

The instruments don't sound anything like the instruments they say they are:

  • The quality of the sounds is dependent on the sound card in your computer.

  • The MIDI files and SCORCH examples on this site are all produced using General Midi [GM] sounds, and so if you use an old Keyboard that doesn't have GM sounds, to play the MIDI, some instruments may be quite different.

 Default Media Player:

  • Windows Media Player / RealOne / QuickTime and others can play Audio files such as .MID .WAV. MP3 etc. In your preferred Media Player, go into the Tools or Options or Preferences menus and find 'File Types.' make sure that the file types you want to play with that Media Player are checked. 

  • Sometimes, if you have more than one Media Player in your system, when you use one, it may change the preferences so that it becomes the default player. For example, I use RealOne Player for Real Audio files but found Windows Media better for MIDI files, but whenever I played a Real Audio file, I found RealOne would become the default for MIDI files as well. I reset the Preferences and both Players to prevent this.  







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