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Saturday, December 22, 2001

Margie's description of our day in Bath.

Took the train from Putney, through Reading to Bath. Beautiful uniform Heritage town, 1700's, built over Roman Baths.

Bus Tour - Jane Austen Centre - The Crescent - The Circus - The Avon River. (Avon is Celtic for river, so other towns 'on Avon' are on other rivers.) - You learn a lot on these bus tour commentaries.

Also heard of an ancient legend of Prince Bladud - He was cast out of the King's house because he had leprosy, worked as a swine herd and host his swine to discover them wallowing in the hot springs mud. They wouldn't come out so he lured them out with their favourite food - acorns. He realized they were all in fine condition, healed of all cuts and lesions after their mud bath, so he spent a few days in it himself, and his leprosy was cured. Hence, acorns are used to decorate buildings in Bath to commemorate this legend.  [For more info, click here]

Roman Baths Shop - Wedgwood, 'Jasper' cream lacy crockery. 

Horseshoe shaped water fall, 3 tiers, each a metre. Ducks and geese.

Lunch at Riverside Cafe, under the Pulteney Bridge built with shops lining both sides - only 2 in the world (the other being Ponte Vecchio or "Old Bridge", Florence.)

Abbey - Cobbled streets - Beautiful Squares - Hills around - Mendepps and Cotswolds.

Icy cold but clear bright blue sky and sunshine during the short day.

Dark blue velvet by 5pm, with perfect half moon.


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