Act 1

Mum and Dad - caring parents, awoken by dreaming children
Chris - boy who dreams of becoming a football star
Tina - girl who dreams of becoming a singing star
Queen Amy - King Neb's spoilt, bored, complaining wife
King Neb - Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Ambitious, proud
Daniel - God-fearing, uncompromising Judean captive
Arioch - King Neb's right hand man
Hank - the Herald, the palace announcer.
Wise Guys - Babylonian magicians
Others - King Neb's workers
- Queen Amy's Servants
- Babylonian musicians
- Babylonian chorus
- Judean chorus

Act 2

Chris - seduced by promise of football stardom
Tina - resists the allure of worldly entertainment
Fair Master - promises everyone instant fame and fortune
Hope - a girl who has always lived for pleasure
Others - Karaoke singers
- Handball competitors
- Fair Floss sales people
- Clowns