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bullet Children's Choir
bullet Children's Musicals
bullet Adult Choir
bullet Musicals


music_sheets.gif (179 bytes) Children's Choir

bullet Unison
bullet Journey's End.  Saint-Saens, arr. & words by G Eaton
bullet 2-Part
bullet How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place. Brahms, arr. G Eaton
bullet Fight the Fight, Run the Race. G Eaton
bullet When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 'O Waly Waly', arr. G Eaton
Arranged for 'Schools Proms Praise' by Langham Arts, in Royal Albert Hall,
London, March 19, 2002. [Photos]
bullet Follow the link below to download an mp3 file of the
whole song (3.00 MB) - (stereo)

music_sheets.gif (179 bytes) Children's Musicals

bullet Musical Dramas
bullet "Dayuma's Jungle" (2008) 
  1. Jungle Jive G Eaton
  2. It's What We've Waited For Daniel Schricker
  3. Monkey Line Dance G Eaton
  4. You Can't Save Yourself G Eaton
  5. Prayer D Schricker
  6. I Don't Believe in Crocodiles G Eaton
  7. Believe D Schricker
  8. Song of the Hen D Schricker
  9. Snake's Song of Satisfaction G Eaton
  10. Song of the Hen (Reprise) D Schricker
  11. Snake's Song (Reprise) G Eaton
  12. We Rest On Thee Jean Sibelius arr. G Eaton
  13. He is No Fool G Eaton
  14. Attack and Angel Chorus G Eaton
  15. We Rest On Thee (Reprise) Sibelius
  16. You've Got To Let Go G Eaton
  17. No Greater Love Steve Curtis Chapman
  18. A Better Way D Schricker
  19. Out of Darkness G Eaton
  20. Curtain Call Medley arr. G Eaton


bullet "Sweet Dreams" (2006) [mp3 samples]
  1. Sweet Dreams G Eaton
  2. Lullaby A Butler, J Chadwick, L Checkley
  3. Look Out World G Eaton
  4. Babylon the Great / Ps 23 arr. G Eaton
  5. By the Rivers of Babylon arr. G Eaton
  6. Spot What my Dream Means G Eaton
  7. Daniel's Prayer G Eaton
  8. Praise the God of Heaven D Schricker
  9. Babylon the Fallen G Eaton
  10. Praise the God of Heaven (Reprise) D Schricker
  11. Act 2 Dream Soundtrack G Eaton
  12. Come on Down, the Price is Right G Eaton
  13. Step Right Up Now G Eaton
  14. I've Only Known G Eaton
  15. A Singer Ahead of my time G Eaton
  16. Gold at the End of my Rainbow G Eaton
  17. Come and Buy G Eaton
  18. Goodbye Floss G Eaton
  19. There is Just One Dream G Eaton
  20. The Dream is Still Before Us G Eaton
  21. Finale Medley arr. G Eaton
bullet "Noah's Ark"
[More Samples to be added soon]
  1. Noah, What Are You Doing? R Blieschke
  2. Obedience. V Zerna, arr G Eaton
  3. Show Me the Way. G Eaton
  4. Be Prepared. G Eaton
  5. Rain. G Eaton
  6. Animals are everywhere. R Blieschke
  7. I Just can't wait to be free. R Blieschke
  8. Fish. G Eaton
  9. Finale arr. G Eaton
bullet "A Boy Named David"
[More Samples to be added soon]
  1. Psalm 23  G Munyard
  2. Watch Out for the Wolf. R Blieschke
  3. If I Were The King. G Eaton
  4. When I am the King. G Eaton
  5. Goliath R Blieschke
  6. Will You Fight? G Eaton
  7. All Things Are Possible. G Eaton
  8. Just a Little Stone. R Blieschke
  9. Great and Mighty is our God. G Eaton
  10. Finale arr. G Eaton

music_sheets.gif (179 bytes) Adult Choir

bullet Warm Ups

Warm Up Number 1. by Grant Eaton.

bullet 2 Part
bullet Song of Dedication Words and Music by Grant Eaton.
Written for the opening of the Klemzig campus of the Adelaide College of Ministries, February 20, 1994. Originally performed as a Duet - Baritone (Melody) and Alto (Harmony).
bullet When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 'O Waly Waly', arr. G Eaton
bullet Right click on O Waly MP3 and "Save Target As" to download an mp3 file of the whole song (3.00 MB) - (stereo)

bullet S A T B
bullet Now More Than Ever Words by Candi Bertran, Music by Grant Eaton.
A strong challenge to the Church to be God's people in a needy world.

music_sheets.gif (179 bytes)Musicals

bullet Missions
bullet "If You God's so Great, Why Can't He Speak My Language?" 
The Cameron Townsend Story.
Adapted for Stage, from the John Gillies radio play, by Cheryl Bendele.

Music by Grant Eaton.

ACT 1.
  1. The Guard
  2. Just Imagine
  3. Cowards
  4. Consecration
  5. The Lord's Army
  6. Witness
  7. The First Time
  8. Apprehension

ACT 2.

  1. Being a Missionary
  2. Pioneering
  3. Translate the Precious Word
  4. I'll Follow You
  5. Limitation
  6. Dreams
  7. Faith, Mighty Faith


bullet Easter
bullet "They Called Him King"  45min Musical by Grant Eaton
  1. The One They Call King
  2. Are You the One?
  3. Don't You Worry. Children's song.
  4. I Open My Heart. Samaritan women.
  5. Hosanna
  6. Oh, Jerusalem!
  7. Last Supper.
    The God of Abraham Praise.
  8. Gethsemane
  9. Woe, Betrayer!
  10. He was Despised.
  11. Resurrection Morning.
    He is the King.
  12. It's a New Day!
    Thine Be the Glory!



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