The Eaton Diary of London    2001  

Leeds Castle

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Sunday, November 11.  

Having visited Edinburgh and Stirling Castles in Scotland recently, we thought visiting yet another castle might be a little superfluous. "Seen one castle, you've seen them all" has been the attitude of some, but several people have said that Leeds Castle is a 'must'. So having finally figured out that Leeds Castle is not in Leeds and is only a 90 min bus trip from London, we decided to do a day trip into Kent county while we both had days off and the weather was still reasonably comfortable. We were very glad we made the effort - this is no ordinary Castle. I don't suppose any castle could be classed as 'ordinary', but this one is can certainly justify its claim to be the 'loveliest in the world'. 

It is not so much the buildings themselves, but it's loveliness is largely due to its exquisite surroundings, its lakes and gardens, its bird life, its preservation of the original charm, elegance and opulence with its furnishings, displays and beautiful fresh flower arrangements. It was so relaxing, walking through the gardens, sitting by the lakes, watching ducks and swans, and eating in the Terrace restaurant overlooking the castle. If I had some clubs, and if in fact I played the game, a round of golf on the links overlooking this scene would have been unforgettable.

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