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Not much happening here yet. As time permits, we'll add useful sites to this page.

In the meantime, the MUSIC WEB HUNTER will link you to a Who's Who of Music sites on the Web.

Resources for Schools

MIDI Sequences by Carla Piper

Want to create a CROSSWORD for your class? 

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Music Technology

Resources for Ministry

Resources for Piano Improvisation

This site not only has all of the chord listings and their fingering but it also lists nearly every scale known to man in each key.

Resources for Worship

XStream Worship is the personal web site of Darcy Watkins, a songwriter and worship leader from Canada.  This resource can be found at:


Scriptural Passages From Contemporary Christian Music

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to faithfully research the rich scriptural roots of much of all Christian music, concentrating on Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and other Christ centered church music and to make the research available to the body of Christ for personal Bible study and in preparations for church services, Sunday school classes and Bible studies by means of whatever media the Lord makes available.




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