The Eaton Diary of London    2001  

Thames Walk

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Saturday, May 19.  Rowing and Thames Walk.

Another lovely Saturday morning, so we, despite a tiring week, couldn't let it pass without an excursion to more untried territory. We walked down to Putney High Street for coffee and toast for a late breakfast, and then headed to the river to check out the rowing clubs. I had noticed a regatta advertised for May 26, so thought we might catch some people training. Indeed we did. There were a lot of boats on the water. We followed the Thames upstream past the rowing clubs and along a beautiful leafy river bank path up to the Hammersmith Bridge. We crossed over there and had lunch at a pub by the river and next to some more rowing clubs. It was a very refreshing morning.

Click here to walk upstream from Putney bridge, passed the rowing clubs, along the southern bank towards Hammersmith.

Putney Pier Old and new boats Rowers clubs and cars Rowers 4 Boat Sheds Rowers Upstream Police Horses Spring flowers

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