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bulletAccompaniments for Beginner Bands
bulletWorship Song Accompaniment Trax
bulletChoral Accompaniment Trax

Take Note!     You'll need for Sound Quality. 

bulletBest results will be obtained using a GENERAL MIDI Sound Card or Module.
bulletThe MIDI files on this page have been prepared using a Roland Sound Canvas sound Module.
The quality of the sound you hear will depend on the quality of your Sound Card or Module.

If you are having trouble listening to these MIDI files, you might like to visit these sites: 
My T 5 Music
has useful summary of MIDI information for both Mac users, or PC
MIDI Gate, or Crescendo. Yamaha's MIDPlug. We make no endorsements of these products.


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Accompaniments for Beginner Bands

Designed for School Class Bands: 10-14 year old children

# Title Composer Description MIDI file Price $US
SMF-001 Class Band
Warm Up No.1
Grant Eaton  Lively swing feel accompaniment. [48 sec]  $5
SMF-002 Canon in C Grant Eaton  Orchestrated accompaniment. $5
SMF-003 Melody Medley Grant Eaton  Orchestrated accompaniment. $5




Worship Song Accompaniment Trax

# Title Composer Description MIDI file Price $US
SMF-004 I'll Follow You Grant Eaton  Contemporary Backing $10
SMF-005 I Long to Linger Grant Eaton  Contemporary Backing $10
SMF-009 Dedication Grant Eaton  Orchestrated accompaniment. $10



Choral Accompaniment Trax

# Title Composer Description MIDI file Price $US
SMF-006 How Lovely.. Grant Eaton  Piano accompaniment $10
SMF-007 Run the Race Grant Eaton  Orchestrated accompaniment. $10
SMF-008 Woe Betrayer Grant Eaton  Orchestrated accompaniment. $10
SMF-011 Show Me the Way Grant Eaton  Contemporary Backing $10

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