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Let's go shopping!

Scores-at-the-Net makes it quick and easy. You can:

BROWSE for music for yourself, your church or school,
VIEW samples of scores,
SAMPLE how a piece might sound as you
LISTEN to an excerpt on a MIDI file, (Real Audio will be added later)
CHOOSE the piece that you want to
AGREE to forward a cheque payment, (On-line payment coming later)
SELECT the best option for receiving your order, and
SUBMIT your order. Before you know it, you will receive an
E-MAIL with your order attached, or advice of its shipping status. You can then
PRINT OUT the number of copies you are licensed to print, and
START REHEARSING!            You will not only SAVE
TIME, TIME, TIME but you will SAVE
$, $, $ on the usual cost of music.

The complete process could take less than 24hrs.

Try it out!

To see how the process works for you, why not try a TEST order, and receive FREE of charge the Vocal Warm Up score and MIDI file accompaniment.



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