The Eaton Diary of London    2001  


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Friday, June 8.  

Too much eating out is so not good for the waist line or the wallet, and since we don't have a dining area in our flat, we're always looking for other options. Tonight I got home from school a little after 6pm having had a relatively clear run. Since Margie had worked an early, I expected to find her at home, but there was no sign of her. A little while later, the phone rang. It was Margie saying she was waiting for me at Putney train station, with a packed picnic tea for us to have by the river. Her plan was to catch me as I got off the train and we'd walk to the river, but she must have missed me in the crowd. I walked back down the hill and we headed to a part of the Thames where we hadn't been before. We go over Putney bridge every day and have often sat on the southern bank near the rowing clubs, but this time we sat on the northern bank in a lovely garden near a Bishop's Palace with its extensive parks and gardens. It was a beautiful evening and after finishing off my film with just 4 photos of the scene, I was forever wishing I had another film to catch the garden and river scenes with the changing light as the evening progressed. 

I did however get some record of this very pleasant picnic spot near Putney bridge - just 15 mins walk from home. The view in each direction was a delight.

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