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Piano and Keyboard


Keyboard Warm-Up Exercises
Motivate beginner keyboard players with lively 5 finger warm-up drills with Band accompaniments.

These are ideal for young beginner groups on school Keyboard Labs, or for home practice.


Children's Choirs and Classes

bullet Sight Singing Drills - Treble Clef
Make Sight Singing exercises a part of Choir warmup routine, by projecting these online drills for the full Choir using a Data Projector, or have individual sight reading practice at computer workstations.


Resources for School Music Teachers and Students

bullet Classroom music curriculum with integrated spiritual and musical concepts. One semester unit is complete using the Armour of God theme. Should be ready for the site shortly. Please contact us if this is of particular interest to you and we would make this a priority.
bullet Theory Notebook
bullet Improvisation Exercises
bullet Class Band Warm-ups
bullet Orchestrations for groups with diverse instruments
bullet Links to other sites with useful resources.

Resources for Churches

bullet The Music and Articles sections of our site are particularly for Church Musicians.
bullet The Notes and Quotes may be useful for Choir Devotions or Retreats.
bullet The Thank You Round.
A 3-part Round for young children
with MIDI file accompaniment.
Suitable to 6-9 yr olds in Sunday School, or the Christian School classroom. Based on a well  known traditional round. It prepares young children to sing in harmony, while encouraging them to be thankful and to acknowledge God as the source of love and life.
Works well with three leaders leading three groups walking around the room as they sing.

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