The Eaton Diary of London    2002  


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Sunday, January 20

Jazz Lunch Cruise.

A very enjoyable two and a half hours on the river - lovely meal, gentle live Jazz, and the sights of London from the river perspective.

Monday, January 21


Pavarotti, did 4 performances in the Opera, "Tosca" at the Royal Opera House this weekend. The final performance was tonight, and the papers have been saying that this will probably be his last performance in an opera in UK. The reviews have been rather scathing, but I thought it was worth trying to get one of the cheap seats, way up in the back of the theatre, where you can't see much, so I went in and stood in long queue of other hopefuls. But some people had queued all night, and it was all sold out, but at least I can say I stood in a queue for Pavarotti's last role in an opera in UK! There were scalpers outside, and one offered me a ticket for 400, but I said 'No thank you'.

So instead of enjoying the Opera, I enjoyed another walk through London, taking some night shots.

Wednesday, January 23

Kensington Palace.

Toured the palace.

A highlight was High Tea in the Orangery.



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