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    The Eaton Diary of London    2001  

Trip to work

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Getting to work and home again.  See photos

  1. My trip to work starts with a walk (or jog) to the bus at 6.30 am. We have a bus which goes down our street every 30 minutes but that is not always reliable or convenient so I head up the street to the main road where I have a choice of buses to catch. Besides there are no bus stops for the route down our street, you are suppose to just hail the bus as it approaches wherever you are. Since we prefer to walk up the road to the main road where there is more frequent service, we have more than once been overtaken by the 424 bus which sneaks up from behind without us noticing as we stride it out for the main road. I think we need to invest in a rear view mirror, or learn to walk backwards.

  2. I then have a short bus trip down Putney Hill to the High Street (that's what they call the district's main shopping street.)

  3. Option 1 is a more scenic route because it takes me over the Putney Bridge, which is often a refreshing sight, with the morning sun on the water, and some rowers out doing their training. I then catch the Tube District Line from Putney Bridge Station to Embankment, with an optional change of trains at Earls Court if the connections don't work out just right.

  4. Option 2 is to catch the 6.49 land-line train to Waterloo. Waterloo is a huge, busy station including many domestic, country and international train services. I rush straight down stairs to the Northern Line Tube platforms and get the next train to High Barnet.



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