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A sample of what's to come!

A Christian Music Education Curriculum
for Years 3 & 4
G Eaton and L Cahill


We’re  LEARNING   to be like the soldiers of the King,
LISTENING  for our orders from above,
PLAY with skilful hands in rhythm with His beat,
TUNING hearts and voices with His love.

Dear "Musical Warrior!"

Soldiers work hard to prepare themselves for their missions. As Christian musicians, we also need to work hard, so that we will be prepared for all the important missions that God calls us to do.

God asks us to:


worship Him,


help other Christians,


tell others of His love.

With our music, we can do all of these things, if we are good Musical Warriors.


We must be prepared for the things that will get in our way, as we serve our Master. This is why we need to put on God’s armour to protect us for our missions. We will be learning to obey, and follow God’s rules, and to make the right choices, so that we can be the best Musical Warriors that we can be.


As a part of our equipment for serving God, we will be Learning, Listening, Creating, Singing, Playing, Reading and Writing music. We will be working hard and trying to do our best at all times, but it will be fun as well. We will certainly enjoy our achievements along the way!

Your Music Teacher_____________________



bulletto learn the language of music, by hearing, feeling, copying, creating, and doing it.
bulletto imagine and experience sounds and to use symbols to represent those sounds
bulletto recognise do, re, mi, so, la, and high do.
bulletto read the Musical Alphabet, mastering the STEPS and SKIPS, both UP and DOWN the LINES and SPACES.
bulletto TRAIN our EARS to remember short phrases.
bulletto create musical ideas of our own.
bulletto sing songs, keeping our own part confidently.
bulletto play instruments with accurate rhythm and pitch.
bulletto learn to follow the RULES and to TRUST so we can make good choices about our lives.
bulletto ALL share in varied musical experiences, so that the joy of music and the worship of God can be real for all.

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