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Thursday, December 13, 2001

Margie's day in Windsor.

Today I took Grant's niece, Andrea, to Windsor for her birthday. Windsor is a picturesque and delightful town 45 mins west by train. We saw through the castle, complete with changing of the guard, bass band etc. I particularly enjoyed seeing the dolls that the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret played with, and their haute couture little outfits, complete with tiny little matching gloves. In one of the vast ornate dining halls, the staff were preparing the table for a meal for 100. Each place setting had its own beautiful arrangement of vibrant blooms directly in front of it, all uniform, and all the size of what we might have on our dining table as a centrepiece. Down the centre of the mile long gleaming table was a forest of tall cream candles in golden candelabras, with more grand floral arrangements in the same red, orange gold and purple as the smaller ones, all deliciously fragrant. Large numbers of Lords and Ladies surveyed the scene from their guilt framed portraits covering the carved and polished timber walls. Quite overwhelming. I loved the displays of all the different dinner sets as well, such beautiful china!


Windsor Castle Changing of the Guard Shops


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