The Eaton Diary of London    2001  


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Our Christmas in London

It was a rather different Christmas for us this year.
We had a lovely Christmas meal with Mark and niece Andy on Sunday night the 23rd.
Christmas Day dinner at the 'Blue Pumpkin', around the corner from our flat. (No public transport on the 25th, so just as well there was something good nearby)
Christmas night we had Joy and Warwick (another Aussie nurse and her husband)  to share the evening meal in our flat. 
We thought about extending our little pub table using the ironing board to accommodate us all, but I couldn't come at the thought of anyone drinking themselves under the ironing board, so we ate off our laps. It was very pleasant.
Margie says she particularly liked seeing London "beautifully clothed in Christmas Lights, generally understated & tastefully gracing all public places." - with the possible exception of Harrods, which is lit all year, and is generally rather over the top.
And follow the links below for a look at some sights we enjoyed in the subsequent days.


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