The Eaton Diary of London    2001  


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Saturday, May 5.  


Back home we thought nothing of taking an hour's drive to Victor Harbor for fish and chips, and staying with Dennis and Sue in Tumby Bay often meant heading to Pt Lincoln for a Pizza. It is refreshing to do such crazy things once in a while. Well today when Margie arrived home at 4pm after working an early, she said "Let's get a bus to Oxford for dinner."  Why not, indeed.

We hadn't been on a bus trip to date, and Oxford has been on our list of must see places, so we set out with anticipation.

The bus took us from Victoria Coach Station, through parts of London we've seen from other perspectives (mainly on foot) and out into the country side. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Many people had told us how lovely Oxford is and we weren't disappointed. Being the famous university city, it is a wonderful combination of youthful energy and ancient tranquillity. Being Saturday night on the May Day long weekend meant the students were in festive mood, or perhaps they party every Saturday night in Oxford - we'll have to go back to find out. 

We just had time for a delightful, leisurely stroll around the main streets, (and some photos before the light faded), and then to an attractive Pub for a candle light dinner, and back on a bus for the return trip. We were home by midnight.

All in all, it was a lovely taste of this great city, and it made us want to return to explore its delights further.


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