The Eaton Diary of London    2001  

Brighton Beach

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Monday, May 7.  - May Day Bank Holiday


It's often hard to find locals who know why it is they are having a public holiday, but they enjoy them none the less, and wouldn't be without them. This holiday was no exception. I asked one parent at school why the day off, and she didn't really know but thought it had something to do with the arrival of spring, and dancing around the Maypole and all that sort of thing, which no one does anymore. She thought some more and added that it was also tied up with the May 1st labour day where we have all the demonstrations and riots. So I was content to take a day off for such a celebration and we took a bus ride to Brighton, after all, we have been missing the sea quite dreadfully.

It was a lovely day, with a lot of sun but a rather chilly breeze so we didn't need our bathers. It is lovely to get out into the green country side and enjoy the open spaces again. Although once we got to Brighton we were very much amongst crowds again, but it seemed half of London also wanted to avail themselves of the opportunity for some freedom from the city rush. Finding a seat for some lunch was almost impossible. I really wanted to try Fish and Chips that were billed as the best in the world, but that claim seem to attract half the world because the queue went for miles, so we settled for coffee and cheese sticks. We'll have to go back in the middle of winter to try the best Fish and Chips in the world, or we might just go to Tumby Bay or Victor Harbor instead.

We took the Tourist Bus Tour around the town and enjoyed wandering through some lovely art, craft, and antique shops. 

Another lovely day.

Click here to take the tour of Brighton with us.

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