The Eaton Diary of London    2001  

"Calamity Jane"

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Saturday, May 12.  7.30 pm Putney Arts Theatre


Margie was working a late this evening, so I took myself off to the local amateur Arts Theatre for their production of "Calamity Jane"

It was a very relax and enjoyable performance. The 5 piece band provided and tight and energetic accompaniment. They helped cover for less than adequate voices at times, but the family feel of the evening made for a very entertaining evening. The highlight for me, was towards the finale, when Calamity kisses Wild Bill Hickock, a voice rang clearly from the second row of the audience, "That's enough!" The audience enjoyed the quip from the protective family member who obviously felt the actors shouldn't be enjoying that lingering moment too much.

The local MP was there with his family, and I happened to be sitting next to his wife, who chatted away about all sorts of things. They're in full election mode. He is a Labour minister in the Blair government. 

The venue is sadly yet another converted church - further evidence of many lights that once burned brightly around this city and country, are fading and being extinguished.

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