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3. Pictures

Pictures at an Exhibition.

Visual imagery communicates in our Post-modern culture. But this is nothing new, because pictures have always been been a helpful way of clarifying the reality. What we are seeking, as we pursue our guiding vision, is to see, understand, experience and appropriate the reality of fruitfulness in music ministry. Scripture, history, and life's experiences all provide pictures that can help clarify our vision and lead us towards the reality. 

Commentators tell us:

Certainly visual communication is a dominant language of our time, but before we look at some pictures that can clarify a guiding vision for us, again I emphasis that our focus must remain on the reality and not on the picture. The worshippers that God seeks are those who worship Him in Spirit and in Reality (John 4). Ever since Marshall MacLuhan tried to convince us that the 'Medium is the Message', I fear we might have become more intrigued by the medium than the message. More than ever our society needs reality. Sure, we need to speak a language they understand, but there are many signals that escaping into the unreal and virtual worlds of film, TV, computers and the Internet, leave us empty and hungry for Truth, Life, Light and Reality. So whatever pictures we use, and whatever media we embrace to communicate the message, the focus of our vision must remain on the reality of God and His Life in us, His purpose for us, and His expression of Himself through us.

Many pictures can guide us towards this reality.

Some Pictures for focusing your Guiding Vision:

1. Fountain 2. Tree 3. Drama 4. Priestly Robe 5. Window 6. Building 7. Orchestra 8. Sower

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